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  Gong Linna
Robert Zollitsch

Gong Linna und Robert Zollitsch sind „Global-Music-Players“ im besten Sinne. Ihre Herkunft aus zwei Kulturen und ihr aktuelles Leben in China und in Deutschland spiegeln sich in einer persönlichen Klangsprache wieder, die das Reich der Mitte mit dem alten Europa verschmilzt.
Kunstvoll weben die beiden Musiker die Leichtigkeit der traditionellen chinesischen Melodie in moderne Songs. Dabei geht Gong Linnas gewaltige, klare Stimme auf eine atemberaubende Reise durch alle Tonhöhen und Klangfarben. Zollitschs Zitherarrangements sind bei weitem nicht nur alpenländisch-idyllisch, sondern ebenso betörend wie perfekt.
Das Jahr 2006 startete für die chinesische Sängerin Gong Linna furios: Sie drang mit ihrem Album "Zou Shengming De Lu - Walking The Path Of Life" bis auf die vorderen Plätze der europäischen World Music Charts vor. Anerkennende Worte allenthalben hoben den Reiz und die Qualität der Produktion aus Fernost hervor.
Das Interesse an Chinas Stimme(n) in der Welt- und Kunstmusik ist also in unseren Breiten durchaus vorhanden. Was bisher fehlte, war eine innovative musikalische Aufbereitung durch Künstler, die sowohl in den östlichen als auch den westlichen Klangwelten zu Hause sind. Gong Linna und der Komponist und Zitherspieler Robert Zollitsch, ein ausgewiesener Kenner der chinesischen Musik, wollen diese Lücke schließen.

Gong Linna - Biography

Gong Linna was born 1975 in Guiyang, Guizhou province (located in the Southwest of China). She first appeared on stage at the age of five. Since her early childhood she knew that she wanted to become a professional singer. At 16 she began her studies at the Chinese Conservatory of Music where she held her first and highly acclaimed concert as soloist in 1999. Since that she has been a soloist with the Zhongyang Minzu Yuetuan, China’s most renowned traditional music orchestra. In addition to many other awards, she won the Chinese National Singing Competition in 2000 as best female singer, including the Special Audience Award, gaining the audience votes of over a million Chinese television viewers.

In 2001 Linna's first solo-album "Kongque fei lai" was published, presenting recordings from the past 5 years. One year later she met German composer and producer Robert Zollitsch, who had already established himself as one of the masterminds of New Chinese Art Music. Experiments with pop and avant-garde music as well as ethno-musical fieldwork marked the next years. In 2003 Linna contributed to the album of "Wu Xing" (China's major world-music-ensemble), published on CRC. On this album Linna gave her debut as song-writer with beautiful lyrics. Her next album "Zou Shengming de Lu", published 2005 by KUKU-Music, finally set a landmark in Chinese Art Music.

During the last 10 years Gong Linna has performed with all major Chinese Traditional Orchestras, recorded countless songs for films and TV and been part of many giant music shows throughout China. But mainly her recent work with chamber music instrumentations attracts attention from an art interested audience. Not only that her new songs feature her excellent singing technique, but they also show her enormous stilistic variety.

Robert Zollitsch - Biography

Robert Zollitsch has established himself as a noted composer, producer, director, ethnomusicologist, and musical painter. His compositions weave a delicate balance of his influences, fusing together elements of dramatically different cultures into a style that is uniquely Robert Zollitsch.

Robert was born 1966 in Munich (Germany). He chose the Bavarian zither (a 42 string instrument with a five octave range) as his instrument early in his childhood. His studies in music theory, both in Munich and Berlin, strengthened his abilities to create. He made a quick decision to abandon the traditional ways of playing his zither, deciding instead to develop a new style of performance on an instrument steeped in the tradition of his cultural heritage.

Robert Zollitsch has adapted this new style to a wide variety of music. His compositions and improvisations have been performed on classical stages, as well as folk and world music festivals and jazz clubs. In 1993, after receiving a German Academic Exchange scholarship, Robert began to focus on Asian music. He studied Guqin (Chinese zither) at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. From that time forth, he has continued to work on numerous projects with Asian artists. For example, in 1997, Robert received a grant from the Berlin Senate to lay the foundation for the Eurasian Art Ensemble. From 1994 to 2001 he was bandleader for Mongolian songstress, Urna Chahar-Tugchi. Today Robert is working as producer, composer and adviser on various projects with outstanding Chinese musicians, including GONG Linna, DU Cong, QIU Ji, LUO Yan and others. Since 2003 Robert lives in the Chinese capital Beijing where he is highly esteemd for his deep understanding of Chinese music.