To work for the Bayerischer Hof is something very special indeed. Our company has been owned by the Volkhardt family for over 100 years - somewhat of a rare tradition. It is a challenge for every member of our staff to be conscious of this tradition while carrying it forward through their own work. Our philosophy is to create a warm and open atmosphere for our guests, to know their exact wishes and to make these a reality. For the Bayerischer Hof, we desire that our employees should share this philosophy with us. Employees who see their daily work as an important part of the whole and who are totally committed to making the higher good of hospitality something that can be experienced time and again.

Phone  +49 89 21 20-896
Fax  +49 89 21 20-615

Please ask our human resources department about vacant positions. Speculative applications should be sent to the following address:

Hotel Bayerischer Hof
Thomas Hintermayer
Promenadeplatz 2-6
80333 Munich