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Mi. 09.10. | 21:00 Uhr

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Chico Freeman - saxophone

Heiri Känzig - bass

Reto Weber - exotic percussion


In Chico Freemans musikalischer Biographie stößt man auf die Crème de la Crème des Jazz. Als Sohn des Tenorsaxophonisten Earl Lavon «Von» Freeman spielte für ihn Musik von Beginn an eine zentrale Rolle. Chico begann als Pianist, Trompeter und Sänger. Während seines Mathematikstudiums entdeckte er das Tenorsaxophon – Vaters Instrument. Nebst dessen Spielweise beeinflusste ihn vor allem auch John Coltrane. Bald schon beherrschte er alles zwischen Standards und Avantgarde. Chico Freemans atemberaubende Überblastechnik ist sein Markenzeichen.

In den 1970er Jahren arbeitete Freeman mit der New Yorker Loftszene zusammen, später spielte er unter anderem mit Sam Rivers, McCoy Tyner, Jack DeJohnette, Elvin Jones, Don Pullen und Don Cherry.

In Chico Freeman's Exotica Trio mit dabei sind der Schweizer Kontrabassist Heiri Känzig und der Perkussionist Reto Weber, beide Meister ihres Fachs. Die drei kennen sich aus dem Zusammenspiel in verschiedenen Formationen. Im Trio setzten sie dort an, wo der Jazz begann, und enden, wo er heute fließt. 

Freemann, Känzig und Weber erforschen das Triospiel und lassen dabei ausgetüftelte Riffs, feingestrickte Rhythmen und die Schönheit von Melodien entstehen.


Two-time Grammy nominated saxophonist/composer Chico Freeman announces his new and highly anticipated project featuring some of the most accomplished musicians in the world.

Chico Freeman, ts, ss, has worked and recorded with some of the greatest artists in the world from many musical genres, as well as leading some of the most exciting groups and projects in the history of jazz. The unique combination of instruments and individual virtuosity of these musicians promises a wonderful collaboration of hearts, minds and musical wonder. This group continues the legacy of excellence and begins an incredible journey into the future of creative and modern music.

Heralded as one of the most important saxophonists of our time, Chico Freeman has perfected an immediately recognizable approach to music and composition, blending what he has experienced from his past and providing fluidity into a future of infinite musical possibilities.

The “foreign sound” that Heiri Känzig introduced on bass is so well, so much in fact, that Freeman and Känzig decided to work on a more intimate Duo and Trio project in which the personalities would be represented more or less equally. “Sometimes I would suggest a bass line and Chico would play a melody over it. Others just happened ad hoc in the studio, like ‘Just Play’ for instance” in the Duo. The European influence continues to be felt independently overall, however, and seems to be given more of a place than is usual in traditional jazz. Freeman also responds to his partner in a way that can be clearly heard. “We are all 3 of us very open musicians”, Känzig says, “but it is even more special once you realize that you’re not just making music together, but are showing each other mutual respect and recognition”.

Reto Weber, composer and percussionist
Reto is a real master with a musical vision, sensitivity and humour. He moves about within a world of percussion, including traps, rows of cymbals, gongs, bells, steel drum and Senegalese balaphones.

He found his exotic instruments on the festivals when he has performed in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Madras, La Paz, Qugadougoiu, Sidney, Abidjan, Hanoi, Jakarta, Bombay and many other festivals around the world.


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