BHS Aviation

Your wishes are the priority at BHS Aviation.

Opening hours

Our service is available to you around the clock.

BHS Aviation combines luxury, speed and flexibility and brings you directly to your destination without detours!

Your wishes come first at BHS Aviation, which is why our experienced sales team will be happy to advise you personally and make you the right offer - whether it's a helicopter, jet or a combination of both.

Thanks to our central location in Germany and Switzerland as well as a general permit for external take-offs and landings, we can take you directly to your destination. To the meeting in Hamburg, the congress in Berlin, the trade fair in Stuttgart or the customer appointment in Zurich - plan your daily schedule as tightly as necessary and gain valuable minutes and hours! You can also use the peace and quiet on board to prepare for your next appointment. In addition, you can enjoy catering, on-board entertainment and full service - all tailored to your needs.