LUNDGREN / BACKENROTH - JAZZ POETRY ("Jazzin' the Night Club")

Night Club

Wed. 07.12. | 09:00 PM until
Wed. 07.12. | 11:30 PM  

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VÖ-Datum: 28.10.2022 bei ACT



Jan Lundgren - piano

Hans Backenroth - double bass


The motto "The Art in Music" is not only reflected in ACT's cover design, but also in the new series "The Gallery Concerts". recorded in the Berlin "ACT Art Collection". After the duo of Johanna Summer and Jakob Manz, another intensive dialogue now follows: Between the two Swedes Jan Lundgren, piano and Hans Backenroth, double bass. Both are musical storytellers, playing without any vanity and full of vivid stories. Qualities that Jan Lundgren has already demonstrated with his own projects, the pan-European success trio "Mare Nostrum" and in duos with trombonist and singer Nils Landgren and bass icon Georg Riedel, among others. The latter in particular finds a worthy continuation in the collaboration with Hans Backenroth, one of the most internationally sought-after European bassists. Pure jazz poetry.

Jan Lundgren is part of an impressive, long tradition of star pianists from Sweden, such as Jan Johansson, who died young, and more recently Bobo Stenson, as well as Esbjörn Svensson.
Lundgren has never made life easy for himself and has always tried to improve his incredible technique and advance his music. His ability to forge the most diverse musical styles into a fascinating whole is extraordinary in itself. Whether it's contemporary classical music, Nordic folk tradition music, pulsating, grooving jazz, or Afro-American music, Lundgren finds a unique way to send the listener on a journey of discovery with his highly individual sound worlds - sometimes relaxing, sometimes completely invigorating.

Hans Backenroth began playing classical guitar and flute at eight years old at the municipal music school. Through his older brother Hans heard pop and rock music, which got him to pick up the electric bass and he soon started playing concerts at only 14 years old. With a constant curiosity to get to know and play new music, he discovered jazz at the end of his teens, which led him to play double bass influenced by, among others, Paul Chambers, Ray Brown, Scott LaFaro and NHØP. In 1986 Hans moved to Stockholm to study at the music department at Birkagarden college, followed by three years at the Royal Academy of Music, where he graduated in 1989 in both jazz and classical bass, arranging and improvisational education. During the final year Hans became a member of Fredrik Norén Band, with tours in Sweden, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Baltics, and soon he began to appear at Sweden's jazz venues.


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