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4. Advent - Gospelkonzert


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Pat Klipp - vocals

Adiam Tekeste - vocals

Alicia Taylor - vocal

Vanessa Brown - vocals

Donald  Ridgeway - bass

Rick Cotton - piano

Frank Salazar - drums


The name "Gospel Train" is a tribute to Harriet Tubman, a black activist who started the underground movement "Underground Rail Road", which helped slaves to become free. Since slaves were not allowed to speak to each other, they started singing church hymns to convey messages.

Anyone who has had the opportunity to experience Gene "Mighty Flea" Conners' legendary gospel choir live will already be familiar with Pat Klipp's singing skills. Her popularity and success are explained by the free style of interpretation of her songs: melodic old and original harmonies of the African Americans from the Southern States, sung with a talent that leaves the audience wanting more.

Pat Klipp is one of the most sought-after blues, R&B, gospel and jazz singers throughout Europe and Germany. She has her own style and captivates her audience with amour. Pat Klipp, Birmingham Alabama/USA, started singing gospel music in early childhood, mainly influenced by Mahalia Jackson and other popular gospel entertainers of the time. Pat Klipp's popularity and success is evident in the way she interprets her songs, she puts the listener in a euphoric state of mind whether she is singing gospel or blues, allowing the audience to drift into a world of enjoyable sounds of these African-American musical forms.

Pat performed as lead singer in the gospel group The Jackson Singers and was actively involved in the recording of at least three Jackson Singers CDs. During this time Pat sang on The Rudy Carrel Show, WDR, Holga's Laundromat, Hr3, TV personality Alfred Biolek and the film "Le Nouveau Monde" by Alain Courneau.

In 1997 Pat stepped in after the lead singer of the famous group "The Clara Ward Singers" fell ill and could not make the trip. The following year Pat joined the Clara Ward Singers full time and toured with the group as lead singer for four years.

Pat Klipp tours with her own group THE AMERICAN GOSPEL TRAIN with sold-out concerts throughout Europe.

DOORS: 08.00 p.m. / SHOW: 09.00 p.m. / TICKETS: € 15,00 (evening sale at the door)