MARC COPLAND QUARTET ("New York im Bayerischen Hof")

Night Club

Tue. 06.12. | 09:00 PM until
Tue. 06.12. | 11:30 PM  

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CD presentation "Someday" - release 15.10.2022 @ Galileo Music


Marc Copland - piano

Robin Verheyen - saxophones

Drew Gress - bass

Mark Ferber - drums


The pianist Marc Copland is often called a "piano whisperer". With his elegant, restrained playing, reminiscent of Bill Evans or Claude Debussy, this is quite appropriate. .

Copland is a consistent person who can also make uncomfortable decisions. After he was not satisfied with a career as a saxophonist in his hometown Philadelphia as well as in New York in the 1960s, he withdrew from the music scene for a few years to professionalise his piano playing. He then became a sought-after sidekick, playing with Gary Peacock, Billy Hart and John Scofield among several others. From the late 80s onwards, he also recorded his own albums and toured Europe a lot. In his playing, romanticisms and impressionistic sound painting meet an upbeat groove.


DOORS: 08.00 p.m. / SHOW: 09.00 p.m. / TICKETS: presale € 25,00 plus presale fee; evening sale at the door € 35,00

Tickets available at all known ticket agencies as well as at EVENTIM and MÜNCHEN TICKET.