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Banquet hall, ensemble

1694 кв. м

18234 sq. ft

Первый этаж и Мезонин в отеле Bayerischer Hof.

Natural light

Ballroom, ensemble

The adjoining rooms to the banquet hall ensemble form a spectacular room of suites. The cocktail lounge oozes elegant charm. The glass dome rises to a height of 8.5 metres in the Atrium, the heart of the hotel. In the Kamin Lounge, the 3.5-metre-high fireplace dominates the room. The historic, listed hall of mirrors from 1839 forms the backdrop to one of the city’s most modern bars – falk’s Bar. Rising doors can be used to expand the banquet hall into an ensemble measuring around 1,700 m2. Direct access to galleries I and II.

Room combinations and connection options

Максимальная вместимость здания

  • Кабаре
    468 человек
  • Класс
    644 человек
  • Банкет
    1040 человек
  • В ряд
    1490 человек
  • Прием
    2030 человек

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