к обзору

Palais hall

185 кв. м

1991 sq. ft

Длина x ширина x высота:

16,6 x 11,8 x 2,9 м

52 x 36 x 7 ft

Natural light


The Palaishall and the adjacent alcove were fundamentally renewed by the Belgian interior designer Axel Vervoordt and transformed into a multifunctional venue with a timeless patina. The historical and architectural character of the rooms has been consciously preserved and combined with modern elements. The rooms are located on the ground floor of the historic Palais Montgelas and each has a separate entrance.

With the round shelves, loaded with books and selected decoration elements, the Palaishall retained its original library character. Three sofas as well as two seats and the floorboard flooring give the room a unique club atmosphere. Fresh air and daylight enter the room through the glass roof, which can be darkened by electronically controlled slats.

The adjoining alcove is connected to the Palaishall by two wing doors. Another door leads directly to the garden terrace. The wall panels, various art objects as well as the oak parquet floor give the room its special ambience. In addition to banquets, conferences and symposia, the rooms are also available for exhibitions, presentations, car demonstrations, concerts, etc. to disposal. Technical equipment: most demanding conference room technology on request.

Максимальная вместимость здания

  • Блок
    60 человек
  • U-образный стол
    50 человек
  • Кабаре
    72 человек
  • Класс
    112 человек
  • Банкет
    144 человек
  • В ряд
    260 человек
  • Прием
    260 человек

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