Restaurants & Bars

In order to enjoy some of the city’s finest cuisine and some of its best bars, you don’t even have to set foot outside Hotel Bayerischer Hof.



3 Michelin stars, 19 Gault-Millau points, 10 Pfannen (pans) by Gusto, 5 F by Feinschmecker, 5 Kochlöffel (cooking spoons) by Schlemmer Atlas and 5/5 Kochmützen (chef's hats) from The Great Guide. Creative and seasonal gourmet cuisine of the highest order, with sun terrace.


15 Gault-Millau points. Proven classics and brasserie dishes with a modern twist, with sun terrace.

Palais Keller

Enjoy the modern, Bavarian cuisine and let the special atmosphere of our renovated Palais Keller take effect on you.

Trader Vic's

Polynesian specialities from a beech oven, cooked to original recipes.

Snacks & Breakfast

Atrium and Galleries

Small dishes, coffee and cake, classic beverages – all in the heart of the hotel.

Blue Spa Lounge & Winter Garden

Light delicacies from our Spa kitchen and barbecues on the roof top terrace.

Roof Garden Terrace and Roof Garden Terrace Lounge

Champagne breakfast buffet with cosy lounge atmosphere and terrace.


Blue Spa Bar

Healthy drinks and cool cocktails above the city’s rooftops.

Falk's Bar

Award-winning creations and classics in the historic hall of mirrors.

Menehune & Trader Vic's Bar

Legendary cocktails from the South Pacific in an exotic atmosphere.

Night Club Bar

Classic cocktails accompanied by live music.

Piano Bar

Classic cocktails accompanied by live music.

Polar Bar

Hot snacks and drinks in Munich’s most desirable winter hotspot.